Florals? For spring? Groundbreaking.

Without Meryl Streep’s soul-crushingly sarcastic delivery however – Elitonia is exactly that. Wearing a floor length maxi skirt emblazoned with hundreds upon hundreds of silk flowers in the middle of a gin distillery isn’t exactly your average floral fashion campaign, which I learned earlier this year when working as a model for the avant-garde floristry company. Melding together the industrial work space of a brewery with a femme-fatal flower girl, we created some fantastically steampunk looks, channeling the beauty and flexibility of nature in the process. In short – flowers are just fucking cool.


Elitonia had their official launch party last week to send everyone a stark reminder of this fact, building a huge wall of flowers to be used as a photo prop and bringing the role I played as ‘The Gin Maid’ back to life to show what the company really has to offer.  Looking at the amazing work that went into creating my outfit, there’s plenty of inspiration to be drawn from taking the everyday and making it into something amazing. Get in your garden and start picking before winter takes over!



PhotographerChris Boulton
Hair and Make UpHollie Andersen
LocationCotswolds Distillery

And from the launch…








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